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Carolesdaughter, a pop-punk singer who gained her fame through her song "Violent" going viral on Tik Tok, reached out to me in 2021 asking to purchase a custom outfit from my brand, ZOMBIE666. After this I was contacted by her manager, asking if I could create outfits for her monthly. In exchange, in addition to payment, Carolesdaughter would promote my brand on her social media. in 2022, she reached out to me with a new project. She wanted a new merchandise line, designed by me. These designs were sold at RIOTFEST 2022 and at her tour with Palaye Royale.


These are the final designs my client went with. Both are based on lyrics of her songs. The crucifix design was created based on a photo of a crucifix I own that I edited and the back is the artist's handwriting. For the second design, my client and I discussed early 2000's graphic tee-shirt design such as Emily the Strange or Ruby Gloom. I created a similar cartoon character version of her, which she absolutely loved! We also discussed a sticker series based on this character, with different lyrics on each one. 



This moodboard reflects my clients desired aesthetic. She loved the graphic tees of the early 2000's, specifically requesting a "mall goth" theme. We created some mood boards together in order to make sure we were on the same page with the desgn.


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