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New Years Social Media Campaign

As Plato's Closet Champaign's social media manager for three years now, I was asked to create graphics for their upcoming New Years event. This included transparent frames to add to photos of inventory, graphics for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as images for fliers that went up inside the physical store.

Logo design

I enjoyed the dramatic feel of the sweeping script. I added pink sparkles to it to highlight the "new" in new years. Lastly, I went with photography that reflected that campy aspect I wanted to bring to the project. 





Only given a brief amount of time to create this champaign, I began sketching ideas during my lunch break after being informed of the project. I intended the tagline to have crisp, flowing lines and bold colors. Reflecting current fashion, I wanted to photos I chose to be editorial and fun. This would encourage my audience to shop at our store for a unique item of clothing.

Social media example posts+ frame post, 2022

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