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Shown above: initial mind map, moodboard, font study, color pallet, photo of the band members and other iconography


I was given a prompt in a graphic design course to create a fictional tour poster for a band. At the time of creation I had an interest in the Canadian electro-noise duo, Black Dresses. They have never gone on tour, so this was an interesting project, as I had little to work with for inspiration. I looked to a lot of the iconography in their album covers as well as subject matter from their songs. Things such as religious imagery, small animals such as bugs and mice, and many death metal influences.




My designs pulled from two conflicting ideas; minimalism and maximalism. The music of Black Dresses leans both into the world of metal as well as noise, which I wanted to reflect. The use of churches reflected their lyrics of angels, god and heaven. The mice references one of the band member's use of a mouse to represent them on social media. Through in-class critique, I refined my ideas.

My final designs combined aspects from both ends of the spectrum. The poster on the right is meant to represent an old testament t angel, with its circle of wings and at the center, the eye of a rabbit. The second design features even more black space with a simplified mouse framed by hand drawn text.

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