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Rabbiteen is a bi-monthly alternative music and art magazine based in Champaign-Urbana/Chicago. My colleague, Mila, and I run everything on our own. Together we interview bands and take art submissions, organize them, create magazine spreads, and covers. Additionally, we create all of the fliers and social media graphics. We also run several social media accounts promoting our material. Our zines have been sold in shops all across the country.


Inspired by early 2000's illustration, I created the Rabbiteen logo with the intention of it being versatile, but also easily recognizable. I used the softness of the rabbit's head and juxtaposed that with the harsh, hatched shading, spiked collar, crooked whiskers and haunting eyes. A logo that would fit amongst the chaos of punk, the eerie-ness of goth, and the quirky edge of indie rock. No matter the theme, this logo compliments.

Rabbiteen Sticker Design by Mila M. 2022

Rabbiteen concept design for tee-shirts, 2022

Back cover of Rabbiteen issue four, "Release the Bats", 2022

Spread/flier highlights

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